Keep fighting...

There is no getting around how disappointed I am with the result of last night’s primary election.  I, like you, were exhausted but did not sleep well last night.  Many of us are new at running for office and running a campaign.  The days are long, your time is limited, and there never seems to be enough money in the bank.  Campaigns are inherently grueling and bittersweet.  Bitter when we lose and sweet when we win.  Last night most of us ended up on the bitter side.

However, congratulations to Tony Wilkins for pulling through the primary.  The work for him is not done yet and we now need to make sure we keep him on the City Council.  As for John Brown, what a brave campaign he ran.  He came out early, stuck to his message, and crisscrossed this entire City.  He and his wife Suzanne should be proud of their efforts and keep their heads up high.  We all commend them for their valiant effort.  Running for Mayor (even though it was not partisan) as a Republican is like climbing Mt. Everest without boots.  Furthermore, having a so-called conservative newspaper in town that intentionally tear down our candidates and personally attack our candidates is a damn shame.  I assure you as Chairman I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen again. 

Dan, Bakie, James, Lucas, and Devin, you too are brave and as Chairman I commend each one of you for running, keeping the campaign message, and showing Greensboro, we do have a message about jobs, taxes, and crime.  Take some time to regroup and see what worked and where you can improve.  Because I know the natural inclination is to run and hide.  Politics is filled with candidates that lost many times and on their second, third or fourth try they won their office.  Just ask Mike Causey, our Insurance Commissioner, it took him five times to finally get elected.  I encourage you to not get stuck, but to keep moving forward.  The Republican Party in Greensboro and Guilford County supports you. We hope you will  continue to contribute and help make a difference.  Don’t make this the end of the road but the beginning of a new path that will lead you to the office or the goal you seek.

To all of you volunteers that worked tirelessly for each candidate, walked door to door, handing out literature, culling information from data banks, and donating your time and money, I sincerely thank you.  Without your continued efforts, the Party could not function.  As Chairman, I see many of you every day and I proud to say that you are my friends and you all make Guilford County standout amongst the rest.  There is still work to be done and your help is still needed.  When campaigns don’t go the way we hoped It’s easy to give up, DON’T!  We as a Party will live another day to fight, fight, fight for our conservative values.

As Chairman, I speak for the entire Republican Party, we are proud of you as candidates, each of you fought a good fight, and (it may not seem like it today) but you have made a difference in our Party and in Greensboro. Therefore, let's continue to work together, stay busy helping the Party in Guilford County. In so doing, through promoting and fighting for Republican values, we progress toward our goal of creating a better future for our city, county, state and nation. 

See you all at our monthly meeting in November.




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