A Slippery Decision by the Rhino

Greensboro’s small businesses and taxpaying citizens - at long last - need a voice at the table. That voice is John Brown. As Mayor, John Brown will conduct a business agenda aimed at bringing better and more jobs to the city.

Nancy Vaughn has demonstrated her disdain for these citizens, the very backbone of our city, and her preference for promoting Progressive social issues instead. A full-time paid lobbyist such as her will never understand what makes business work. And if business doesn’t work, neither will Greensboro.

The single so-called conservative paper in the city, the Rhino, has endorsed this failed mayor! She takes every opportunity to engage in partisan fights with the very effective Republican state legislature while her own city, under her leadership, suffers stagnation. In fact, her signature issue, if she possesses one, was to lead a 60% Council pay raise and a vote to have Greensboro citizens foot her/their health care bill for life, even as they struggle to afford their own. (“Let them eat cake!”)

But endorsing “Nancy Antoinette” wasn’t enough; John Hammer personally attacked a fellow Republican’s character. John Hammer is a man who asked to be invited to our GOP meetings as a ‘fellow’ Republican and then used (and misused) information learned there to trash those ‘fellows.’ We Republicans can no longer trust John Hammer, let alone trust him as a conservative voice for Greensboro. 

Don’t believe me? Below is a direct quote from John Hammer from a this summer.

“When an elected official can no longer adequately perform the duties of their job, for whatever reason, it is their responsibility to resign…It is time for Vaughan to resign as mayor… " 

Yes. That is John Hammer, asking for the current mayor’s resignation. He has also written about how the static tax rate is actually a stealth tax increase that the city tried to hide.  

Vaughan is politicizing the police department and crime is soaring. Moreover, we have lost 1,000 high-paying jobs in the last two years alone!  

“Like so many other viable, potential candidates, I considered just not putting my family through the media mudslinging,” John Brown said to a group of supporters, “But our city cannot take four more years of Nancy Vaughan and her progressive social issues agenda while Greensboro families struggle. Frankly, turning this city around is a lot more important than whatever the liberal media, such as the Rhino, may write about me.”

We, the Guilford County Republican Party, are proud to support John Brown for Mayor and we encourage all level-headed Greensboroans to do the same. Take it from me, the African American Chair of this party, our City Council needs some diversity (of thought)!


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  • Troy Lawson
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