What's on the mind of young, black Republicans?

I had the pleasure of speaking with this young man yesterday. He has a lot to contribute to our party. Give him a listen.

Official Recognition of the 150th Anniversary of the Republican Party in NC

What an honor to be presented with an official special resolution in celebration and recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Republican Party in NC! Thanks to Mendy Greenwood for her research and for drafting a fine resolution that was passed by the NC House this week!

I hope you'll join us Wednesday for one of our year of celebration events, Black Republicans - Past, Present and Future, featuring Dr. Ada Fisher, NC's National Committee Woman to the RNC and Mr. Clarence Henderson, one of the "Woolworth Four" sit-in heroes, private businessman and conservative Republican. Click here for details!



For those unfamiliar with the historic and present importance of our party, please  read from the text below:

150th Anniversary Resolution

Recognizing and honoring the North Carolina Republican Party on the historic occasion of its 150th Anniversary

Whereas the North Carolina Republican Party (referred to in this resolution as the “NCGOP”) was officially organized in March of 1867 in the Capital House Chamber, in Raleigh NC with 147 members in attendance;

Whereas this was the first interracial political gathering in the history of our state;

Whereas the NCGOP was founded on principles of patriotism, the sanctity of life and marriage, free enterprise, low taxes, economic opportunity and controlled government spending;

Whereas the newly-formed party took positions supporting the thirteenth, the fourteenth and the nineteenth amendments to the constitution ensuring liberty and basic civil rights for all citizens regardless of race, color or gender;

Whereas there have been six honorable and duly-elected Republican governors since the organization of the NCGOP: William W. Holden, Tod R. Caldwell, Daniel L. Russell, James Holshouser Jr., James G. Martin and Patrick Lloyd McCrory;

Whereas for 150 years, without exception, the NCGOP has remained committed to: the family as the most basic strength of our nation; free enterprise as the most effective and just economic system in the world; God-given individual liberties such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death; a free society who’s power rests in the hands of its citizens; free, fair and accurate elections; access to excellent public, private and home schools for all children as chosen by their parent(s); law and order with justice for all citizens; our duty as stewards to protect the earth’s resources and use them wisely; the sovereignty of the United States of America;

Whereas the NCGOP remains strong and effective in passing legislation to benefit the citizens of North Carolina by maintaining a supermajority in both the State House and Senate as of recent, 2016 elections; and

Whereas in March of 2017, under the leadership of Chairman Robert Cannon "Robin" Hayes, the NCGOP celebrates its 150th Anniversary.

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Guilford County Republican Party that this body recognizes the 150th Anniversary of the North Carolina Republican Party and honors its work to ensure the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all North Carolinians. 

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May Happenings


18620052_10155285874713770_1799851715022367864_n.jpgBusy month of May already and we are barely over halfway through it! Last week's Lincoln Reagan Dinner honoring Guilford County Sheriff, BJ Barnes, was a rousing success! Thanks to all who attended and supported us. Look for photos very soon!

Your party leadership is hard at work for you! We are networking, brainstorming, organizing, and communicating. We are becoming more prominent in our community through our Chambers of Commerce memberships and our volunteer efforts in military, education and many other causes.

We are also becoming more visible in our location. Look what went up today!

Guilford County GOP Means Business


The GC Republican Party was welcomed this afternoon as a new member by Patrick Chapin, President & CEO and Iris Boswell Director of Membership of the High Point Chamber of Commerce.

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